Tuesday, September 7, 2010

G-Dragon’s red hair becomes a hot topic

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Whenever Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon changes his hairstyle, it becomes a hot topic, and this time it’s no exception.

On September 7th, a topic on a portal site’s bulletin board named ‘G-Dragon recently became a redhead‘ had attached a picture of him with red hair. The photo shows G-Dragon with fellow Big Bang members on a Japanese TV program. G-Dragon’s hot pink scarf, checkered sleeveless shirt, and red hair especially captured the netizen’s attention.

The netizens who have seen the picture commented,

‘Spikey, red-haired G-Dragon. Last time blonde was fashionable and now it’s going to be red’
‘You look really young’
‘Did you change your hair again?’
‘No matter what you do it looks good’

What hair style do you think looks best on G-Dragon?

credit : supermar@allkpop+as labeled

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