Thursday, September 9, 2010

BIGBANG makes an appearance on “The Music Hour”

Popular Korean group, BIGBANG recently made an appearance on the Japanese music variety show, “The Music Hour” on TBS.

“The Music Hour” is a music show originally titled “Utaban” hosted by Masahiro Nakai from SMAP and Takaaki Ishibashi from Tunnels. At the beginning of the show, the various members of BIGBANG introduced themselves with the names of various Japanese celebrities whom they share a resemblance which made the audience laugh.

During the interview, Takaaki questioned, “Who do you fancy out of the Japanese celebrities?” and D-Lite (Daesung) answered, Shizu-chan from Nankai Candies. Nakai then questioned SOL (Taeyang), “Who do you know that’s a Japanese celebrity?” and he answered “Mika Nakashima.”b

The show “The Music Hour” seems to be ending their long running show next week, on September 14th. The show has been running on TBS from October 15, 1996 as “Utaban” and recently changed their show titled to “The Music Hour” back April. Currently, on their official home page, they are accepting requests on what segments viewers would like to see again on their next week three hour special.

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