Thursday, September 9, 2010

Rain & JYP Entertainment found “Not Guilty”

Rain and his former agency, JYP Entertainment, were found ‘not guilty’ on the 9th regarding a compensation claim launched by Well Made Star M.

The Department of Justice read out the sentence, stating,

The responsibilities of the cancellation of the North American performances lies with Star M. JYP Entertainment and Rain do not have to refund the pre-payments. This applies not only for the North American performances; Star M will be held responsible for the China cancellations as well, since Star M was the side that planned the entire tour.”

In 2006 and 2007, Rain planned a world tour with Star M, totaling 35 different performances. However, due to problems arising from his name ‘Rain,’ his performances in America were canceled, concluding the tour with only 19 fulfilled performances.

Star M claimed that both JYP Entertainment and Rain did not fulfill their contractual obligations and launched a compensation claim for approximately $3,915,018 USD.

The court of first instance stated, “The reason behind the cancellations of the American performances is because Star M did not properly handle the infringement dispute,” and ruled against the plaintiff.

credit : hypermanic@allkpop+as labeled

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