Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Happy Chuseok week: A note about TV programming

As you have probably heard, this week is Chuseok week in Korea, which is the biggest holiday of the year. As the harvest festival, it’s akin to the Western Thanksgiving; the actual day of Chuseok this year is Wednesday, September 22, but the overall holiday spans several days, which often gets stretched into a whole week of traveling home to see the folks, pigging out on songpyun rice cakes, and enjoying a few days off from the usual grind.

What does that mean for television? Well, first off there will be no My Girlfriend Is a Gumiho airing on Wednesday, which will be host to lots of special family-friendly Chuseok programming instead. But fear not, both new episodes (13 & 14) WILL air this week — just both on Thursday.

It should be interesting to watch how Playful Kiss does this week — not only is Baker King Kim Tak-gu off the air, on Wednesday it will have no competition from Gumiho, either, since both SBS and KBS will be airing Chuseok specials. On Thursday, it’ll be up againstGumiho again.

This might give it a chance to pick itself up, get back on its feet, and grab a few new viewers just before Runaway premieres next week. Maybe.

credit : javabeans

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