Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Rain expresses his thoughts for his upcoming drama ‘Fugitive’

Singer and actor Rain, a.k.a Jung Ji Hoon, expressed his thoughts about his character in hew new upcoming drama KBSFugitive‘ during a recent press conference for the drama.

Rain said, “I’m a character who you weren’t able to see in other movies or TV dramas. When I first decided to take on this production, I talked with scriptwriter Chun. The character is someone whose progress consistently orients around a woman he likes. I’m having fun filming it. I hope you enjoy it too.”

He continued, “I watched the drama ‘Chuno’ religiously. Not because of the storyline or the beautiful scenes, but because Lee Hyuk hyung did so well.. But the scenes were beautiful. I really wanted to film a production like ‘Chuno’. Director Kwak Jung Hwan, scriptwriter Chun Sung Il and me, us three got to meet up. We had a mutual understanding and decided to work hard together.”

Rain also talked about his past dramas ‘Sang Doo! Let’s Go to School’ and ‘Full House‘. He said, “KBS gave me a lot of opportunities. There are a lot of good people as staff and I’m having fun.”

‘Fugitive’, which is set to air its first episode on the 29th, is comical action drama about a group of international investigators and policemen chasing around a group of criminal organizations for a lump of gold that suddenly disappeared from a Korean bank.

Not only was the drama filmed all around Asia, such as Japan’s Tokyo and Osaka, China’s Shanghai and Beijing, Macau, Hong Kong and The Philippines, popular Asian actors such as Japanese actor Naoto Dakenaka, Japanese group Speed’s Uehara Takako, and Chinese actress Josie Ho are also set to make appearances in this action packed drama.

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