Monday, July 5, 2010

Song Seung-heon picks an awkward “ideal woman”

Asking stars for their ideal boyfriend or girlfriend types is standard practice in the industry — entire variety shows have practically been sustained on the concept — so I don’t take those statements seriously. On the other hand, some answers MAY not be the most advisable, as Song Seung-heon explained on KBS’s July 3rd episode of Entertainment Weekly, after he named Han Ga-in (currently acting in Bad Guy) as his pick.

Reason being: she’s married to Yeon Jung-hoon, the actor who played Song’s beloved younger brother in last year’s East of Eden. Song had made the statement on a KBS variety program, Sweet Night, which aired on the 1st. Apparently, after he’d made the statement, he’d gotten a call from Yeon. Song said, “I thought Yeon Jung-hoon would be happy, but judging from his reaction I’d made a mistake.” (Maybe next time he’ll pick someone more “appropriate” as his supposed ideal — a co-star, perhaps, or an otherwise single lady who could benefit from the namecheck?)

Meanwhile, Song Seung-heon has a busy year: he’s got a noir movie, the remake of A Better Tomorrow (co-starring Kim Kang-woo, Joo Jin-mo, and Jo Han-seon) as well as a rom-com drama My Princess (with Kim Tae-hee).

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