Friday, July 30, 2010

Lee Jong-hyuk’s fans buy drama staff lunch

It’s always cool to see fans giving gestures like this one, in support of an actor and his current project. Lee Jong-hyuk (Chuno, Crush and Blush) was surprised by his fan club on the 25th, who organized a boxed lunch for the 80 staffers on the set of his KBS Saturday-Sunday drama Marry Me.

The members of the fan club packed the lunch themselves (and it looks like they have individually printed labels on them), and surprised the entire staff, moving everyone with the grand gesture. They came in honor of Lee’s birthday, and also presented him with a guitar as a birthday present.

Lee said, “The love of my fans, who came here in this heat, gives me so much strength. The dedication and thoughtfulness to feed the busy and weary staff is so touching, and to repay the fans who always cheer me on from the sidelines, I always want to show them my best.”

credit : girlfriday@DB+as labeled

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