Saturday, July 3, 2010

Jang Nara becomes an associate university professor

I find this a bit odd, but: singer-actress Jang Nara (Sky and Sea, My Love Patzzi) has been appointed an associate professor in China, at its Beijing Huajia University. On June 30, she received her letter of appointment from the school’s president (pictured here).

Jang Nara is probably more popular in China than she is in her home country, and has pursued a singing career there as well as acting projects. She’ll be teaching in the acting department, which is understandable since she’s an actress, but I still find this a little puzzling. I understand that she speaks basic Chinese though she isn’t fluent; Huajia University is said to be introducing a “Korean style of education,” which may be helpful to her.

On the other hand, I’m not sure her credentials are robust enough for a(n associate) professorship; she only received her undergraduate diploma this year, in February, after being enrolled for ten years. (This is common with celebrities, who often spread out their university coursework over a number of years; a common criticism is that they are given diplomas mostly to look good, and hardly attend class.)

In any case, Jang will next act in a Chinese medical drama in the fall. She also has another project lined up, the follow-up to Mischievous Princess, called Mischievous Empress(?).

credit : javabeans

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