Thursday, July 8, 2010

Drama series The Musical begins filming

The drama series The Musical entered its first shoots on July 4, and here are stills of two if its stars, Gu Hye-sun (Boys Before Flowers) and Ok Joo-hyun (the musical Cats).

The first shoot had aspiring musical actress Go Eun-bi (Gu Hye-sun) watching “stage diva” Bae Kang-hee (Ok Joo-hyun) give an impassioned performance on stage. As she watches Kang-hee, enraptured with the musical, Eun-bi makes a decision to head closer to her dream.

The scene was actually filmed at a real live performance. Prior to the shoot, the producers had been in search of a real musical from which it could use insert footage, and requested permission from a successful show, Maria Maria. The musical was happy to agree, given that The Musical is a series centered in their world. As a result, Maria Maria’s lead actor Jo Ji-hoon also got screen time in the drama series.

To play the part of the audience, approximately 100 extras were used as Ok Joo-hyun took the stage to sing the title song from Maria Maria.

The drama features the “fiery passion and the romance of producers, songwriters, and actors who team together to make the best possible musical” and will include scenes shot in New York’s Broadway. The drama will air later this year.

credit : javabeans

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