Monday, July 5, 2010

I Am Legend finally has its leading man

Oh, cute: Lee Jun-hyuk has been added to SBS’s I Am Legend, making him the leading man to the drama’s star Kim Jung-eun.

His character, named Jang Tae-hyun, is a famous session musician (a professional musician for hire who often works in recording sessions for other artists). He’s curt and stubborn and has a lot of pride in his music, and because of his personality, he’s sort of a social misfit and doesn’t actually want to work with anybody. (Talk about professional identity crisis — the very nature of his job requires him to be available to work with others.) As a result, he tries to branch out into songwriting, instead of merely working under someone else.

Divorced Tae-hyun raises his 7-year-old son alone, and despite his attitude toward other adults, as a father he is warm and affectionate. He inadvertently gets involved with the band fronted by Jeon Seol-hee (her name is a pun on the word for “legend” and the character is played by Kim Jung-eun); she decides to make a comeback after her marriage to a high-powered lawyer from an uppity family fails.

Lee Jun-hyuk had a few supporting roles in dramas like A Star’s Lover and City Hall, but it was his recent turn as the youngest son in Three Brothers that shot him to mainstream fame. I had to quit watching that drama because many of the characters made my blood boil, but his storyline was one of the redeeming factors as he romanced Oh Ji-eun’s character with confidence and boyish charm.

He is currently devoting himself to vocal and guitar training. He says, “I’ve always liked music, but I haven’t tried making it myself. Thanks to I Am Legend, I’m learning how to sing and play guitar. Since the character of Jang Tae-hyun is a skilled and famous session man, I’m practicing every day so that I don’t come across as awkward.”

I Am Legend will follow Coffee House on Mondays and Tuesdays.

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