Friday, July 30, 2010

Se7en gets praised for his live vocals

After making a hot comeback to the kpop scene through M! Countdown, an MR removed version of his performance is making netizens’ mouths drop.

Adding onto his flawless comeback stage, his title track Better Together snagged #1. Thereafter, an MR removed version of his performance has been floating around online. Netizens are well aware of the fact that an MR removed performance is a great way to measure an artist’s vocal abilities.

Even with the background beats, melodies and chorus all taken out, Se7en performed a stunning live performance even while he was vigorously dancing on stage.

Netizens have commented:

“It’s Se7en”

“Even with the MR removed, sounds just like the CD”

“A true artist has made a comeback. No wonder why he ranked #1 as soon as he made a comeback”

Se7en will perform next on Music Core tomorrow for his comeback.

credit : sayykimchi@allkpop+as labeled

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