Sunday, July 18, 2010

G-Dragon & Taeyang originally to debut as duo & talk about their different reactions to fans

It was revealed that G-Dragon and Taeyang were ready to debut into the music industry a few times before they debuted with Big Bang. They confessed that they were originally planned to debut as a duo.

G-Dragon and Taeyang were guests on the 16th episode of Sketchbook, and they revealed that they were set to debut under the english name of “GD-YB” with their name’s initials as the name of the hip hop duo.

Although, they planned to debut as a hip hop duo, Their agency’s president Yang Hyun did not like their idea of debuting as a hip hop duo and debuted them as part of Big Bang instead.

G-Dragon said, “We made the group name ourselves, my name and his name’s initials formed into GD-YB. I talked to our president about this idea of ours but he did not like it”.

When fans gather and comes to them, Big Bang member’s G-Dragon and Taeyang have different reactions.

On the July 16 episode of KBS Sketchbook, G-Dragon said, “When we are in our agency’s building and we know that there are a group of fans coming, my reaction is I just act cool.” While Taeyang said, “Rather than waving to the fans and showing them a good response, I tend to shy away and hide from them”, he explained, showing their different reactions when fans gathers to them.

G-Dragon followed, “Although we might not know all our fans, They are our fans and when I see them coming I recognize them and I am glad for them”.

Meanwhile, G-Dragon also shared their unique personalities in their dorm.

He explained, “Our room is not that loud. We are there mostly to sleep. Taeyang has a warm room and has a wall filled with rare albums and fan gifts. TOP has a huge collection of toys as it is his hobby to collect them. There would be huge action figures, I like fashion and my room would be filled with a lot of nice clothes, although Seungri does not like to show his room”.

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