Sunday, July 11, 2010

Lee Shi-young cast in two-episode MBC drama

Lee Shi-young has lined up her next role, which is in a short MBC drama called What Do You Really Want? She stars as the daughter to a washed-up boxer in the two-episode special, which will begin filming later this month.

The production side stated Lee’s participation as a done deal, while her representation gave a more tentative “We’re considering it” answer. However, given that they didn’t deny the report, I’d say chances are likely that this is close to a finalized deal.

Another of the characters that has yet to be finalized is a has-been idol singer, and the producers are looking at a real-life singer to fill the role. The drama doesn’t yet have a slot on MBC’s schedule, however.

Lee burst on to the scene in 2009’s Boys Before Flowers, then rose to mainstream popularity after appearing on variety program We Got Married. She’s become known for her frank personality and has been recognized for her acting chops, and is coming off a pretty successful role in KBS’s recent Birth of the Rich. The drama itself got mixed reviews, but she was praised for her portrayal of a spoiled chaebol.


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