Saturday, May 8, 2010

SS501′s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end, fans are concerned if group activities will continue

Ahead of group SS501′s contract with DSP Entertainment coming to an end next month on the 8th, there has been much interests as to whether the members will continue promoting as a group.

Currently it is known that leader Kim HyunJoong has received many proposals by other entertainment management company to sign up with them. And many see that there is high possibility that Kim HyunJoong and his best friend Dong Bang Shin Ki Hero JaeJoong will be moving to an entertainment agency together.

And there is also speculations that it is quite impossible for the whole group to move to the same company if they do not stay with DSP Entertainment.

With regard to that, an entertainment industry expert said, “Even if the members go to a different company and to promote as SS501, they will not be able to do it.” But the truth is we saw how G.O.D and Shinhwa members had continued with their group activities even after they changed their agency.

Meanwhile, the SS501 members are still not signed on to their new agency yet.


To fans: Nothing has been confirmed as yet, I see many speculation reports coming up in the press and media but there is just hype. We should all wait for the confirmation from the members themselves.

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