Saturday, May 8, 2010

Kim Sun-ah quits I Am Legend

Bummer. Kim Sun-ah is dropping SBS’s I Am Legend, the drama that was to star her as a woman who reinvents herself as a rock band singer after going through a divorce with her high-flying lawyer husband.

A source with the SBS drama department stated on May 7 that Kim left the project due to “issues with production conditions,” which means that the drama will now lose its May premiere slot and be pushed back to August. This explains the conflicting reports I’d been reading yesterday about the return of Bad Guy, which was originally scheduled in I Am Legend’s slot and had been pushed back to make room for it. (A few reports came out yesterday saying it would premiere in August, while another stated that it would take back its spot from I Am Legend, which was having production problems.)

I Am Legend has already cast the rest of its female leads, though we’d never heard who would be playing the male lead. Jang Shin-young, Hong Ji-min, and Juni had been signed on to play the other three members of the ajumma band, but the drama will be starting casting over afresh. It will premiere on August 2, to air Mondays and Tuesdays after Coffee House.

This means Kim Nam-gil’s Bad Guy will be moved up to follow Prosecutor Princess on Wednesdays and Thursdays later this month. This shouldn’t affect their production schedule, as they have been filming well in advance. And that’s a silver lining; despite looking forward to Kim Sun-ah in I Am Legend, I’ve been intrigued about Bad Guy and thought it was a shame it had been bypassed by the station

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