Thursday, May 13, 2010

Hyun Bin reteams with Friend director Kwak Kyung-taek

Hyun Bin is going back to work with director Kwak Kyung-taek, with whom he shot last year’s dark drama series Friend, Our Legend. (Kwak also filmed the original movie, Friend, which starred Jang Dong-gun and served as the basis for the drama adaptation.)

Hyun Bin will be the lead in the film Beautiful Us [아름다운 우리], joining Joo Jin-mo, who was cast earlier. (This film will also be Joo’s second time working with Kwak; his first project with him was 2007’s movie A Love.)

Beautiful Us is based on the real-life Second Battle of Yeonpyeong, when a North Korean patrol boat attacked a South Korean boat in 2002. A large-scale project, it boasts a production budget of 15 billion won and will be filmed in 3D. Filming will commence in mid-June.

Hyun Bin hasn’t necessarily been able to replicate the massive popularity he gained after 2005’s My Name Is Kim Sam-soon (follow-up dramas Snow Queen and The World They Live In had disappointing broadcasts, though the dramas themselves were well-made). However, he has been making some interesting choices in recent years and I think he’s positioning himself well for a jump to a more serious acting career with stuff like Friend, the remake of the classic film Late Autumn, and now another big-budget Kwak project.

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