Sunday, May 23, 2010

Kim Ji Suk to enlist in the army

Actor Kim Ji Suk achieved much success in the past couple of years with Take Off, Slave Hunters and Personal Taste, and is now recognized as an excellent actor who can cover roles that are comical to damn-right serious. However, at the height of his popularity, he has decided that it is his time to fulfill his miltary duties.

He posted an official statement on the website of Personal Taste, stating,

“There are only 2 episodes left till the drama ends and all the staff are struggling at the moment. We are like zombies, filming for hours, but it is surprising how laughter and happiness is always present.

At the moment, I’ve been hating on my self and there are many times when I think my acting would not be good enough. However, the role I was given was something new and very fun. It was hilarious to see comments made by netizens, many stating for me to stop bothering the main character of the drama and let him be.

This drama will be my final project until my military service is finished. For now, I am not an actor, but more of a proud citizen. I will come back being stronger and healthier and I am also hoping that your love for me will not change a bit.”

Another talented actor has now left to fulfill his duties as a faithful citizen. We hope that he returns safely!

Kim Ji Suk will get his 5-week training starting on May 24th.

credit : kimchisteve@allkpop+as labeled

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