Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hyun Bin’s spread in Marie Claire’s June issue

Hyun Bin displays a different, fierce image in his new spread for the June issue of Marie Claire magazine (which is vaguely Jang Dong-gun-esque, isn’t it?).

In the accompanying interview, Hyun Bin talked about his most recent acting project, Late Autumn, which was filmed wholly on location in Seattle with co-star Tang Wei. He said, “I felt some pressure at being in a project that has been remade several times, but in order to express a new side to the character, I went into filming without watching the previous versions.”

Regarding Tang Wei, he said, “Working with her was so enjoyable. When the film was in the early casting stages, I received a lot of attention for working with Tang Wei, but I hope audiences can just watch the movie comfortably.”

Hyun Bin also has fan events planned, and explained, “I received two songs, which I then recorded. I’ll present them at this upcoming fanmeeting. Although I won’t be making a formal singer’s debut, I am planning to release a single album in Japan shortly.”

Hyun Bin, a singer? Hm, interesting…

credit : javabeans

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