Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Goo Hye Sun played the guitar and sang her new movie song.. ^_^

Goo Hye Sun sang this song in a coffee house where she used this idea to release her new movie ‘Yosul’. In Goo Hye Sun’s homepage, she mentioned that she wrote this song based on the feeling of spring as spring has come.

In the music video, Goo Hye Sun was actually playing the guitar and singing the song together with the music director, Choi In Young . The music director left a comment: Goo Hye Sun just wrote this song out of feeling, hopefully the record company will record in albums for sale.

Goo Hye Sun said it seems very difficult, after all, this song was just written out of the blue, she’s happy that everyone likes it.

credit : feedingmyaddictiontoboysoverflower+as labeled

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