Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rain, “Ripping my shirt is better than singing a thousand songs on stage”

Singer Rain reveals his honest thoughts about ripping his shirt on stage.

He was on SBS Close Note 3 aired on 30th April when he said, “For me, as compared to the effect for singing a hundred or thousand songs, the effect with just ripping my shirt one time is bigger.”

He also revealed, “I’ve received dashing by other females after my 2nd album. But I didn’t have any strange relationship with other singers, they were all models.”

He was then asked by the MCs “So did you go out with them?”, Rain answered, “I was so innocent back then that I didn’t know that it was dashing. So when they called to ask me out for a meal late at night, I just rejected saying that I’m not hungry.”

Rain had revealed previously on another program, “I’ve dated 2 entertainers and 2 normal people. 2 before debut and 2 after debut.”

And when asked if Park JinYoung knows of his dating, “Park JinYoung knows.”

credit : sookyeong@kbite+as labeled


  1. aaaaa...!! Rain!!! ey u've got his latest album yet?

  2. hye!^___^..nOt yet..!fOr now i just download them n keep it on my HDD..:)