Sunday, May 23, 2010

Prosecutor Princess’s finale event with Park Shi-hoo

Prosecutor Princess (as well as Personal Taste) ended its run and, as previously announced, Park Shi-hoo watched the finale episode with fans in a screening-cum-fanmeeting that night.

Park came to the theater after filming the last episode late into the afternoon on Thursday (eek! talk about pushing the live-shoot), and had gone through the past three days shooting through the nights. Park said, “It seems like we just started filming the other day, when it was snowing, but it’s already over. I was wishing that we would get an extension of about two episodes, so it’s too bad [that it didn't].”

Park gave fans a few souvenirs of the project, including sunglasses that his character In-woo had worn, a hat, and a script. About 250 fans from Park’s fan club were at the event, approximately 50 of whom were Japanese fans. Next on Park’s schedule: a five-city fanmeeting tour in Japan.

Taking over Prosecutor Princess’s timeslot next week is the Kim Nam-gil drama Bad Guy.

credit : javabenas

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