Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Song Joong Ki and Kim Byul for Fujifilm INSTAX

Actor Song Joong Ki and actress Kim Byul have teamed up to model for Fujifilm’s polaroid camera, “INSTAX”.

Captioned “The only story of ours in this world”, the CF for the product casted the pair as love interests who document their romantic story with snapshots from the Fujifilm camera.

The CF started airing on the 1st and is already gaining many compliments from the actors’ fans.

Fans commented, “Kim Byul is so pretty, that’s all I can say,” “Handsome man and beautiful girl meet,” “This reminds me of my first love,” and “If my model was Kim Byul, I would take many more pictures to take them home.”

The company’s marketing rep said, “Kim Byul’s cute and lovely image will target our consumers who are in their 20’s. The two will model the item well.”

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