Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Extension plans nixed for Runaway Plan B

KBS’s action-comedy series Runaway Plan B had been flirting with the idea of a four-episode extension, but that idea has been tabled, according to a source with the drama’s production company on November 23.

That source stated, “KBS wanted the extension, but Rain, Lee Na-young and the other cast members have busy schedules, and it was decided that drawing out the story development any further would be pointless.” Writer Chun Sung-il reportedly showed interest in a special feature version, but ultimately the production decided against it.

I’m VERY relieved at the decision, because I am not hankering for a story that is speeding to its climax to all of a sudden slow down while it searches for more story. Plus, I’ve been really liking where Runaway is going now that Rain and Lee Na-young have gotten on the same page and are making progress in their investigation — but groaned at the idea of their increasing sexual attraction being dragged out just when it’s getting fun.

Part of the reason KBS pushed for the extension despite Runaway’s middling ratings is because the drama set to follow, President, would be going up against SBS’s similarly-themed Daemul. Two presidents, played by two drama heavyweights? (That would be Go Hyun-jung and Choi Su-jong.) One timeslot? Yeah, you can see why KBS would have preferred to avoid that conflict.

But no, they’ll overlap for a couple weeks after Runaway ends as originally planned on December 2 with Episode 20, which means President premieres on December 8.

credit : javabeans

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