Monday, November 1, 2010

SBS interviews Big Bang on the photo shoot set for FILA, briefly mentions comeback album

The boys of Big Bang have been endorsing Korean apparel brand FILA for over two years now with the last photo shoot taking place in August. Now, they’re back with another photo shoot for FILA and SBS’s One Night TV Entertainment News was on hand to conduct a short interview with them on the set.

At the beginning of the interview, the host questions the members with, “Which member is best suited for today’s photo shoot?” Big Bang leader G-Dragon responds, “Today, it’s me…” When the topic of G-Dragon’s unique fashion sense was brought up, Seungri mentioned, “At home G-Dragon likes to mix and match clothes and tries out around 5 outfits all the time… but out of those 5 outfits, 3 of them look terrible. However, he ends up going out with the cool outfit every time.” The host also mentions that G-Dragon is a fashionista and can pull off many looks that most other people couldn’t.

As for their comeback album, G-Dragon states, “Very soon.” While TOP jokingly says, “It may have very well been released 30 minutes ago and nobody knows about it yet.”

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