Monday, November 1, 2010

Park Hyo Shin sent to hospital for tonsillitis and fever

Veteran singer, Park Hyo Shin, held a long awaited solo concert at Daejeon earlier today. However, things did not go as planned.

Park Hyo Shin was feeling a bit ill but decided to go on with the concert for his fans. After singing one song, Park Hyo Shin couldn’t fight over his illness, and decided to step off the stage and was sent to the hospital. The concert was then canceled, disappointing many fans.

A representative from his company stated, “With severe inflammation of the tonsils and high fever, Park Hyo Shin is currently resting at a nearby hospital. He’s to properly get treatment according to what the doctor says. Park Hyo Shin has not been well for a while due to his busy schedule and album productions.”

Though fans are very disappointed, the singer himself should feel much worse in more ways than one, as all the time he had spent practicing for the concert had gone to a waste.

To make up for this, the audience will get a full refund for the sudden cancellation. Hopefully, he feels better soon.

credit : kimchisteve@allkpop+as lebeld

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