Monday, October 25, 2010

New drama “Secret Garden” reveals its first teaser

For the upcoming SBS drama, ‘Secret Garden’, Ha Ji Won transforms into a tough stuntwoman named Ra-Im who aspires to become a martial arts movie director. Always butting heads with cold businessman Juwon (played by Hyun Bin), the two somehow exchange souls – a fantasy-romance storyline unfolds as the two characters are drawn together by their harrowing experiences.

The Korean netizens’ responses to Ha Ji Won’s transformation have been very positive so far. After watching the teaser, netizens commented, “Incredible, I’m looking forward to ‘action’ Ji Won” and “Korean Angelina Jolie?”.

The producers of ‘Secret Garden’ stated, “This is a fantasy-romance drama. We have prepared both exciting action and deeply romantic scenes.”

‘Secret Garden’ will begin airing on November 13th, after ‘Life is Beautiful’. In the meantime, watch the teaser below:

credit : rhaldud@ allkpop+as labeled

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