Thursday, October 14, 2010

Kang Ji-hwan in Nagoya to promote musical and drama

Kang Ji-hwan‘s pulling double-duty in Japan, with an upcoming musical and drama. Despite their titles — Cafe In and Coffee House, respectively — the two are unrelated, and just happen to be scheduled at the same time.

In advance of both projects, Kang headed to Japan on October 8 for a fan event on the 10th that was held in Nagoya to a crowd of 2,000 attendees. Scenes were screened from the drama, as well as highlights from the musical.

Kang had a hand in Cafe In’s recent run in Seoul as producer, and will star in the musical for its Tokyo production, which kicks off on October 16. Another run will begin in Korea on November 24, and stars SS501′s Kim Hyung-joon (not Hyun-joong) as the lead.

Coffee House, meanwhile, begins running on MNet Japan on October 30. The station also began broadcasting a special 10-episode program on October 9, called Kang Ji-hwan’s Aru Hi, Dokoka De (or Somewhere in Time).

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