Thursday, October 7, 2010

Jang Hyuk up for new drama Poseidon

After dropping out of melo-fantasy drama Secret Garden (to be replaced by Hyun Bin, backstory here), Jang Hyuk is close to picking his next project: upcoming action-adventure drama Poseidon.

Think god of the sea, not Hollywood action film about sinking ships.

The drama, penned by screenwriter Jo Kyu-won (IRIS) and directed by PD Yoo Chul-yong (All In, H.I.T., Swallow the Sun), is about the Coast Guard. Er, I’m not sure if Coast Guard is right, since it’s not military, but more like ocean police. If there’s a better way to officially classify “cops on boats,” then that’d be them.

I don’t know any other plot details, but if the writer of IRIS is behind it, expect some intrigue, explosions, and guns. I don’t really care as long as he comes to work dressed like he is above.

The lead role was originally slated for Kang Ji-hwan, but his ongoing legal battle (over contracts) involved the production company for the drama, so they turned their eyes toward newly available Jang Hyuk for the lead. He’s currently reading the script, and looking upon the project favorably. If he goes with this drama (which I personally think is a better fit for him), it’ll be his first role in a year since Chuno.

Poseidon is aiming for broadcast early next year.

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