Saturday, October 2, 2010

Kim Hyo-jin joins Mary Stayed Out All Night

Kim Hyo-jin returns to television in the highly anticipated Mary Stayed Out All Night, which has already got me pumped up for its main trio of Moon Geun-young, Jang Geun-seok, and Kim Jae-wook. Those three end up in a tangle of fake marriage shenanigans (Mary gets involved in a “simulated marriage relationship” with both men), the details of which I’m itching to find out.

Kim will play an actress, “Seo Joon,” a character created newly for the drama version that wasn’t in the original manhwa. She’s the type of beautiful and talented celeb whom all women envy, and comes from a good background to boot. She’s also the “bold and confident” ex-girlfriend of Mu-gyul, the bohemian musician played by Jang Geun-seok. (Funny how I always think of Kim Hyo-jin as much older, although she’s only got three years on Jang; she’s 26, he’s 23.)

Kim’s last drama was the SBS weekend series Happiness in 2008; more recently, she acted in movies Ogamdo and Jeon Woo Chi. She said, “In playing this new character who wasn’t in the original series, I think I’ll be able to deliver a fresh sense of fun to the viewers. As an actress, I find it interesting to play an actress in the drama. On top of that, Seo Joon has both looks and talent, and is a very attractive person.”

Kim (also well known as Yoo Ji-tae’s girlfriend) recently acted in the stage play Fool For Love, to which she refers when she says, “After standing on the theater stage, I had the opportunity to learn a lot as an actor. Now, I’ll do my best to convey Seo Joon’s appeal to the viewers of the drama.”

A few connections: Kim’s play was the first to run as a part of the 2010 “I Like the Stage” Play Festival, while co-star Moon Geun-young’s play, Closer, was the festival’s second. Both actresses also participated in the “Love Tree Project,” Namoo Actors’ album put out to raise funds for charity. The album’s songs were sung by the actors contracted with the management company, which represents both Moon and Kim.

Mary Stayed Out All Night will follow Sungkyunkwan Scandal on KBS, and premieres on November 8. I’m looking forward to it!

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