Sunday, February 27, 2011

Yamashita Tomohisa discusses possible Korean album and his love for Korean culture

Japanese idol star Yamashita Tomohisa sat down to a press conference with reporters on February 24th and shared his love for Korean culture. The interview began, however, with questions about the differences between the Japanese and Korean music industry.

The reporters asked the star about what he thought the driving force or secret was in Japanese idol groups being able to stay together for a long period of time. “I’m not sure you can call it a secret, but I think it comes from the fact that the time members spend together and the time they spend on their own is strictly divided,” Yamashita replied.

Popular groups like SMAP, V6, and the Kinki Kids have all maintained their positions at the top for ten years now. Last year, Arashi also celebrated their 10th anniversary.

The idol was also asked for his opinion on the differences between J-pop and K-pop songs. “J-pop has a unique music world that only Japan has. Korean music has a lot of strong rhythms and beats that make you wanna get up and move. The ballads also have great melodies.

The topic then moved onto Korean girls. “They’re both sexy and cute. Any man likes that type of charm, no matter where they are in the world. I actually have a Korean friend who I first met in a Japanese broadcast hall. We exchanged numbers and because of that friend’s influence, I became interested in performing on a Korean stage two to three years later.”

He continued, “I love Korean food as well. I really like kimchi and eat it frequently. Samgyeopsal, samkyetang, soon tofu, and bibimbap are also great. I’ve watched Korean dramas on Japanese TV. Koreans pay a lot of attention to the production behind their music and music videos, which I took note of.”

At the mention of his first visit to Korea back in 2008, he explained, “This is my first time for work, but I’ve visited a few times on my own. I came with my family first, then with friends, and once alone for vacation.”

When asked about his groupmates, NEWS, he revealed, “I haven’t been able to see my groupmates often recently, but I’m thinking of buying ‘kim’ (dried seaweed) to share with them.”

Yamashita continued, “I have a lot of interest in collaboration dramas with Korea, and would like to work with Korean actors. I’m close with Jaejoong as well, so if the opportunity should arise, I’d like to work with him. A song off my album, ‘Last Love Song‘, was produced by a Korean composer.”

After performing “Party Don’t Stop” on “M! Countdown,” he revealed, “One day, I’d like to release an album sung in Korean.”

His album, “SUPERGOOD, SUPERBAD,” was released in Japan on January 26th and ranked first place on Japan’s Oricon chart. It’s currently scheduled for release in Korea on March 2nd, and will follow with his first Korean concert in mid-April.

Meanwhile, Yamashita returned to Japan on February 24th.

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