Thursday, May 5, 2011

Cute Park Shi-hoo and cute kitty looking cute

Because who doesn’t need a little more cute in their day? Actor Park Shi-hoo (Queen of Reversals) has started a twitter account, and uploaded the most adorable thing EVAR: candid pictures of him at home with his kitty Jami, who by all accounts is the luckiest cat in the world.

So… what you’re telling me is… when Park Shi-hoo isn’t out on his day job being hot all day long, he just sits around with his cat, being cute All. Day. Long…?


I mean, how can a guy that cute have a cat that cute? It’s like breaking the laws of the Universe, or at least a statistical improbability that two such beings could occupy the same space, let alone be FRIENDS. It’s possible I’m dreaming this. I’m gonna wake up tomorrow with a massive hangover and learn that this is what happens when you mix vodka with k-drama reruns, right?

It also appears that Park Shi-hoo takes Jami to the kitty salon, because that cat’s clearly been shaved. Do they sit side by side with matching capes to get matching haircuts? *Dying from cute overload*

credit :girlfriday@ DB


  1. whoa!what a man and what a cat! how lucky can they both get!

  2. wahahaha!my dream boy with an unusually charming kitty bearing my nickname...what true happiness for me!i will now name my future cat shi hoo!i am more than ever now a certified fan of this wonderfully enigmatic korean actor..a perfect romeo!the only one with that kind of smile!