Thursday, March 10, 2011

Kang Ji-hwan doesn’t want to lose Faith

Is it just me, or is everyone in dramaland impersonating a yo-yo these days? At least Kang Ji-hwan is trying to STAY on a drama rather than leave one. Blockbuster 3D fusion sageuk medical drama (rah, that’s a mouthful) Faith has lost its leading man, not once, but twice, and it looks like bachelor number two is back again for another round.

Kang Ji-hwan is reportedly digging his heels in, trying to iron out his ongoing battle with the Korea Entertainment Producers Association, so that he can stick with Faith, which begins principal photography next month. He had originally announced leaving the production due to the contract dispute that’s been hanging over his head for the past year. It’s also been putting a damper on a certain co-blogger’s penchant for dramas starring the man in question.

Kang’s side claims that his contract dispute with his last management company was settled, but the Korea Entertainment Producers Association claims that he starred in Coffee House without clearance, and has since pushed for him to take a hiatus, prompting him to finally bow out of Faith late last year. The hilarious thing is, the Producers Association is claiming that they never forced him to quit Faith. But…are you still boycotting? ‘Cause I’m not good at math, but that doesn’t add up, from where I stand.

Faith‘s PD Kim Jong-hak (Legend) released a noncommittal statement that nothing could be announced officially because Kang Ji-hwan’s dispute hasn’t been cleared yet, though I can see a multitude of reasons why he’d want to hang on to Kang, not least of which is the 10 million won blown on pre-production with Kang as the star, including test shots and promotional materials.

The astronomical budget of 30 billion won is mostly going to be funding the special effects, which makes me think that despite its description as a drama about eastern medicine in the Goryeo era, that it’s going to be much more action-centric, a la PD Kim’s last drama,Legend.

Faith boasts a star-studded cast including Kim Hee-sun, Philip Lee, Kim Seung-soo, and Choi Min-soo, and begins filming in April.

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